Unplugged Headphones: An Introduction

Welcome to “Unplugged Headphones”, a series of posts where I let you into the soundtrack to my life (a bit dramatic I know). On any given day you’ll find me with my headphones in, listening to music, blocking out the world around me whilst simultaneously creating a world of my own.

This is the music I listen to when I need to hear something that reflects the thoughts in my head… when I want to hear the voice of someone going through the same emotions… OR when I need to hear the complete opposite… a counterbalance… a voice telling me that defiance and not depression is the best response to defeat.

Sometimes it’s not that deep, sometimes it’s just some blissful ignorance. No deep meanings, just a dope beat and some melodic mumbling.

The library of music on my laptop is both extensive and diverse. You’ll find an AZ album right below an Ariana Grande album (for research purposes of course). The point is I listen to a lot of music.

If you’re looking for a blog post full of song recommendations and suggestions, this is not the one (even though my taste in music is exceptional… in my humble opinion of course).

This Is just me with my headphones unplugged…

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