Unplugged Headphones: My Head Is A Jungle (Wankelmut & Emma Louise – Mk Radio Edit)

“Moment Of Clarity” is one my favourite songs on Jay-Z’s 2003 classic, The Black Album. As to be expected it’s a song about obtaining the clearness of thought needed to objectively reflect on the estranged relationship he endured with his father, the pursuit of commercial success at the expense of his content, and just some overall heavy sh*t. I can only assume that the song resonates with me so deeply is because it captures a feeling that has eluded me for the better part of 24 years, a ‘moment of clarity’…

What resonates with me and what reflects with me are two different, one is what I feel and one is what I am.

“My Head Is A Jungle”

Tangled, knotted and twisted like the vines of the Madagascan rainforest, I often feel that the thoughts that fill my head have a suffocating effect, entrapping anyone who enters them and for that reason I don’t let anyone in. To say that ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ is probably the most accurate description of any given moment of consciousness. Outside of the obvious repetition in the chorus, this song speaks to me through its instrumentation, literally playing to the frequency of my mind; uncontrolled ruckus of the piano keys and clashing of symbols have made this song the soundtrack to ecstasy-filled raves and warehouse raves around the country, but for me it’s just white noise. The noise in my head.