Unplugged Headphones: You Made Me (Fabolous Featuring Tish Hyman)

I’ve always prided myself on being my own person. In the words of Stephen R. Corvey; “I am not a product of my environment, I am a product of my choices”. Did I butcher that quote to make it fit into what I was trying to say? Yes… but that’s besides the point.

The point is I’d like to think that my character (the person I am) is completely independent of my surroundings, that may be what I’d like to think but it’s not the reality.

“Last time I trust a nigga he betrayed me

Last time I trust a bitch, she played me

Pardon me if I’ve been on one lately

Yeah, this is how you niggas made me”

The world and the people I have encountered have made me into a less trusting person… a less forgiving person… a less naive person… a more guarded person…

This song reminds me that failing to allow my bad experiences to change me, would be failing to prevent myself from repeating them.

I don’t know if the changes the world/people have forced me to make are changes that I’m grateful for, but I do know that they were necessary.