Unplugged Headphones: Self Care (Mac Miller)



If there was ever a more accurate depiction of life imitating art than the video for this song, I am yet to see it…

Mac Miller buried underneath six feet of dirt, clawing at the inside of his coffin, talking about the importance of self preservation all before falling victim to the same substances that he tried so hard to fight off.


Unfortunately it’s too late for Mac to escape his demons whilst being in the physical form, but it’s not too late for the rest of us. The message of “Self Care” is still valid, maybe even more so since Mac passed on to the other side.

Substance abuse is a battle that I have never had to deal with, so this song doesn’t speak to me on that level. I hear a different voice…

Anyone with a ‘giving nature’ has put themselves second to help service the needs of others… taking food off of your own plate to make sure that someone else is fed, going to an event when you’re not in the right frame of mind because you don’t want to let someone down, giving someone money when you barely have enough for yourself.


That isn’t me meditating (I can’t even cross my legs), but you get the gist.

Selflessness is something that I have always prided myself on because I truly believe that “no one has ever become poor by giving” (on a spiritual level), but sometimes I have to remind myself that selflessness is not sustainable without self-care.

If you don’t put your needs first and make a conscious effort to prioritise your own physical, spiritual and mental well-being, you will eventually burn out – this song reminds me that taking time out for self-reflection and self-preservation isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

I can’t help myself or anyone else by scraping the bottom of an empty well…




Rest In Peace Mac Miller (1992 – 2018)