Unplugged Headphones: Carousel (Michael Jackson)

If perfection could be condensed into a 9 track album with two sides it would be called “Thriller”

There are very few things that are exempt from alteration or improvement on this world, off the top of my head I can probably only name three; religious scriptures, the McDonald’s chicken nugget recipe and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. That’s it.

To skip even one song on that during those 42 minutes and 15 seconds is blasphemous, actually there is one song that can get a skip but let’s not talk about that… you know what, actually let’s talk about it! No one wants to say it but I’m going to stand on the ledge with this one, and say what all of us are thinking but feel like we can’t in fear of being shunned or rejected.

“The Girl Is Mine” featuring Paul McCartney isn’t that good. I could do without that song on the album and so could you, you just don’t want to admit it.

Feels good getting that off of my chest.

Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

Michael Jackson has so many songs that didn’t make the cut for this album (getting onto that album was like trying to get onto the USA’s 1992 Dream Team Olympic basketball team). One song from the Thriller recording sessions I’ve been listening to a lot lately is “Carousel”. There’s something about discovering music you haven’t heard from your favourite artist that will just force you to wear out your replay button.

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones might not have thought that you were good enough for Thriller, Carousel, but I do. You were and always will be, good enough.