Unplugged Headphones: Don’t Matter To Me (Drake featuring Michael Jackson)



How women let him get away with things that they’d hang the rest of us for I’ll never know…

Exposed for not writing his own songs, hides an illegitimate son and now he’s giving his ex instructions on how she should go about dealing with their break up, the nerve of this man.

Although, to be fair she is descending into a dangerous spiral of drug and alcohol addiction so he might actually have a point, there probably are better ways to get over him.

This was one of the songs I had on repeat after Drake’s “Scorpion” came out and still listen to on most days, it’s not considered a stand out track by most people and there are definitely better songs on the album, but I think I was just happy to hear new material from Michael Jackson, even if it is unpolished and probably wasn’t meant to be released.

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