Interview with Walter Mosley (The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey)

I’ve never claimed to be the most well-read person or even a person who reads books – ironic, considering I make a living from writing – but I’ve always had great admiration for those who do. So you can already imagine the amount of admiration I have for someone who’s able to write one, let alone almost 50!

Walter Mosley is one of the most prolific writers working today and in 2020, he received the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, making him the first Black man to receive the honour.

Inspired by the experience of his parents, Walter’s book “the last days of Ptolemy Grey” touches on the mental deterioration we become susceptible to in our old age and the effects it has on those around us. As someone who has seen this happen to a member of my own family, I took a lot from having this conversation with him.

Books don’t always make great television series, but this one is a resounding exception!