Interview with Corey Hawkins (In The Heights)

‘In The Heights’ is one of the most beloved broadway musicals in recent memory. Bursting full of Latin culture, infectious rhythms and heartwarming relationships, it’s soundtrack was impossible to escape and it’s characters were impossible to forget. The adoration for the musical was widespread, but when it was announced that ‘In The Heights’ would be adapted into a film there were a lot of doubts about how successful it would be. Those questions were answered with a resounding “Yes” on all fronts!

Corey Hawkins stars as ‘Benny’, one of the films’ central love interests but also, the film’s sole representation from outside of the Latin American community. In this conversation, Corey opened up about the importance of representation, the connection between the Black and Latin American community and why ‘In The Heights’ means so much to so many people.