Interview with Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas (THEM)

The best part of interviewing anyone is giving them their flowers for achieving something that they’ve worked so hard towards. There isn’t a single person who I’ve been blessed enough to speak to who I haven’t enjoyed congratulating for making their dreams materialise into reality. However, I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t some that I enjoyed a little bit more than others. This was one of those occasions.

Ashley Thomas and Deborah Ayorinde are both from London, and as a Londoner myself it felt extra special to see two people who came from where I came from, make it to the big time in Hollywood. Before Ashley Thomas was a successful actor, he was a successful rapper who went by the name of ‘Bashy’. His anthems like “Black Boys’ and ‘Kidulthood to Adulthood’ became the soundtrack to many of our childhoods. When Ashley decided to walk away from music and become an actor, it caught many of us of guard, but performances like the one in Amazon Prime’s ‘THEM: Covenant’ prove that he made the right choice!