Interview with Jermaine Fowler and Nomzamo Mbatha (Coming 2 America)

I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to many talented people about their roles in various outstanding projects and naturally my friends will ask me “what was it like to speak to such and such” or “is so and so as friendly in real life”. I always tell them, that for the most part everyone that I interview is pleasant, but I don’t walk away feeling like I know any of these celebrities more personally than any of my friends do. I do my interview preparation, I receive a Zoom link, I turn up, I get thrown into a chat with a famous person, I conduct the interview and then I get kicked out and someone sends me the video the next day. This one was different.

Talking to Jermaine Fowler and Nomzamo Mbatha felt like catching up with old friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. We laughed, we made fun of each other, there were even parts of the conversation where we got deep and tackled some serious topics all within the space of 12 minutes.

Wishing them both the best with their project Coming 2 America and their careers going forward!