New Ones: K.C – Girls Aloud

The name “K.C” may be not be a household one (yet), but at this rate it won’t be long before that changes… a formidable run of releases is making it impossible to not take notice of West London’s latest offering to the UK music scene.

“I Ain’t One For All This Patient Sh*t, Man I Ain’t Even Stressing I Know It’s Ours Ours Ours”

The latest addition to his growing discography, “Girls Aloud” is a refreshing outlier amongst the heavily dominant Drill sounds of today – this is in large part a result of the ambitious production of F1. The marriage between lush guitar strings and flamboyant trumpets lure you into the song before a word is even spoken, but when words are spoken, they’re brash, self-assured and uncompromising (I’ve been up and down the city on some gang sh*t, lockin’ off the party and no this ain’t Girls Aloud”). This is K.C’s movie and we’re all just lucky enough to be extras.

Well not all of us… that right was reserved for a select few this time around and the cameos in the entertaining video reads like a roll call of London’s up-and-coming creative talent, featuring the likes of KVLV, Phrann, Dusty, MMNP and 24London Founder Fabio Nunes.

“Girls Aloud” isn’t K.C’s arrival, it’s his conformation! Confirmation that he will not be going away anytime soon. This might be your first time hearing him, but it won’t be your last!

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