Unplugged Headphones: Vows (Knucks) & The Lady In My Life (Michael Jackson)

A few days ago I was out at an RnB Night to support my boy’s first live performance, and he shut down the whole building when he touched the stage, but I’m getting off topic.

As anyone who’s ever gone to support their friend do anything would know, you’re ONLY there to support your friend, not to say that you want everyone else to fail, but you probably wouldn’t be there if your friend was taking part (college basketball games, talent shows, etc). Basically you’ve gone into the situation resigned to the fact that you could be bored out of your mind for the majority of the night… but that doesn’t mean that you’re not secretly holding out hope for an entertaining sideshow.

I got lucky this time. I got my sideshow.

In between the 4 performances on the night there was an RnB set by the DJ, filled with all of the usual suspects (‘U Don’t Have To Call’, ‘Back To Sleep’, ‘Adorn’) and one song that I wasn’t expecting…

The chord progression lead me to believe that we were about to get into session of Michael Jackson’s 1982 classic ‘The Lady In My Life‘, but we weren’t.

In the space of 5 seconds I went from “I haven’t heard this song in ages!” to “wait this isn’t Michael Jackson…” to “this is fire” to frantically reaching into my pocket to try and Shazam the song before the DJ decided to cut it short. The song was ‘Vows’, by a London-based rapper called ‘Knucks’.


Both of these songs have been trading places in my headphones for the last few days


I normally hold quite a strong stance when it comes to using classic songs (covers, interpolations, etc), “if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it”. This song gets a pass because it’s so distinctively different from the original. The way he approaches the nostalgic sample is really refreshing, so much so that after the first few seconds you don’t hear Michael Jackson, you only hear Knucks and that’s not an easy feat to accomplish.

Admittedly, ‘The Lady In My Life’ hasn’t ever been one of the first songs that I go to whenever I listen to “Thriller”, in fact I’m guilty of skipping it on most occasions, but over the last few days I’ve gained a new appreciation for it.


Here are links to a great interview with Knucks and ‘The Lady In My Life’ for those of you who haven’t heard it.