Unplugged Headphones: I Wanna Know (Joe Budden Featuring Stacy Barthe)


“If You Want To Make God Laugh Just Tell Him Your Plans… “

The sense of longing for a purpose on this earth is an endless search for many of us – trying to find out where you fit in the social hierarchy… the uncertainty of not knowing if you’ll ever achieve your goals… It all takes its toll. The line “I relate to praying nightly feeling no spell worked” is one that really resonates with me because there are so many variables in life that can knock you off course and you just can’t account for all of them.


This song captures Joe Budden in an introspective moment, reflecting on what he “wanted things to be” and dealing with the realities of what things “are” (with an emphasis on his relationships, both romantic and family). But things being different than you expected doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going to be “bad”. Joe raps “and now it’s better than we pictured it’d be” and I think that he’s saying that the plan you’ve made for yourself might not be the plan that you end up seeing through (for various reasons), but that doesn’t mean that your life will be without fulfilment; there are many ways to find fulfilment outside of the one that you’ve singled out for yourself.

The Greek philosopher Plato or Socrates (I forget which one) once said “I Know That I Know Nothing” and once you accept that life becomes a lot easier.

With that being said, I’d be lying if I said that longing for a sense of purpose isn’t something that consumes my head space, and this song is a perfect expression of my mind in that trail of thought. Sometimes I think to myself, if life isn’t what I think it should be, then “I wanna know what this life’s supposed to be like…”