The VERDICT – Lucas Perez

” Huh? “*Proceeds to scratch head and question how they can expect to challenge for the league this year* 

Those were the thoughts of every Arsenal fan after the signing of Lucas Perez was announced.

I generally consider myself to be quite informed when it comes to football but even I had to do a quick
Google/Wiki/YouTube search when I heard Arsenal signed Perez.

What did I find?

Perez is an Spanish Winger turned Striker, who just scored 16 goals in 36 league goals last season, but is still yet to be capped by Spain at any level.

He’s a decent player, but is he better than Alexis Sanchez, or Olivier Giroud… or even Theo Walcott? The answer to all 3 of those questions is no. Lucas Perez is not better any of Arsenal’s existing strikers, so was there really a point in splashing out £17 million on him? Yet again, the answer is no.

Arsene Wenger may find a use for the 28-year old in cup games or when key players get injured during the season (which they inevitably will), but I don’t see him breaking into the Arsenal starting 11.

The VERDICT…. Arsenal Need A World Class Striker And Lucas Perez Isn’t The One.