The VERDICT – Granit Xhaka

​Arsenal fans please savour this moment, as this may be the only signing that Arsene Wenger makes that actually makes sense!

Granit Xhaka is everything that Arsenal need right now, a combative Central Midfielder who’s not scared to get stuck in and take a few knocks, plus he’s not injury-prone, so you won’t have to turn away everytime you see him go in for a challenge.

As you may or may not have realised that was a sly dig at Arsenal’s other ‘combative’ midfielder, Jack Wilshere. Xhaka is everything that Wilshere hasn’t turned out to be… this isn’t to say that Wilshere won’t fulfill the potential we all know he possesses, but Arsenal just don’t have the time to wait on him anymore, Xhaka’s arrival was long overdue.

Xhaka isn’t just a midfielder, he’s a leader! Many of Arsenal’s players were guilty of going M.I.A when their team was against the wall, Xhaka won’t be one of those players. Despite only being 23, Xhaka has been a key member of the Swizerland National Team since he was 18, winning over 40 caps in the process, captaining them on numerous occasions.

However his disciplinary record is not the best, in fact it’s the worst. Xhaka was sent off 3 times last season, more times than any other player in the Bundesliga… with that being said he still managed to gain a place in the league’s best Starting XI!

The VERDICT… Xhaka Should Slot Right Into Arsenal’s Starting Line Up, His Aggression Should Give Arsenal The Edge They’ve Been Missing In Recent Seasons.