My All-Time Favourite Albums (Game – Jesus Piece)

This is the Very 1st Blog Post in a series called “My All-Time Favourite Albums” and as you’ve probably already guessed it will consist of me telling you My All-Time Favourite Albums over a period of time  (I assure you the album choices are more inspired than the title). First up….. JESUS PIECE!

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We Are All Sinners, Fact. What I love about this album is that Game doesn’t shy away from his flaws as a Christian…. he embraces them!

‘Jesus Piece’ is a concept album that explores the contrasts in the Bible’s teachings of an ideal lifestyle and the ideal that most rappers aspire to. The ‘Jesus Piece’ itself serves as a clever metaphor for the materialistic ambition we all harbor (The Jewelry) and our need for spiritual fulfillment (The Saviour). This concept isn’t taken lightly either. Game stays true to the religious theme in his lyrics, instrumentals and even song titles, which is admirable in an era of music where substance and depth play second fiddle to the ‘club banger’.

As a Christian myself, I saw ‘Jesus Piece’ as Game’s way of coming to terms with the everyday conflicts and contradictions we deal with as religious people, but also his way of saying that our sins don’t make us hypocrites, they make us human. On what is otherwise a deep ‘soul-searching’ journey, ‘Jesus Piece’ provides comic relief in the form of stand-up King Kevin Hart. His skits and interludes throughout the album take a lighthearted approach to the sins of church-goers, representing how most of us feel on a Sunday afternoon. His Skit at the end of the song ‘Church’ is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard and sparks laughter induced tears every time I listen to it!

The thought-provoking concept behind the album is equaled only by its production, which is to put it simply…. Outstanding. Instrumentals overflowing with sounds of ‘Gospel Choirs and Church Organs’ create a listening experience that can only be likened to a Church Service conducted by Pastor Jayceon Terrell Taylor (A.K.A. Game).

If the concept and production somehow weren’t enough to put this album on my list of favourites, the contributions from other artists definitely seal the deal. In the song ‘Freedom’, Game boasts “My album like a [Fer]’Rari. a lot of dope features!”…. truer words were never spoken. The likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Pusha T offer up some of their most inspired verses on the tracks ‘See No Evil’, ‘Pray’ and my personal favourite ‘Name Me King’. Other notable features include Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Common, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and 2 Chainz. A feature that deserves a special mention is King Chip’s verse on ‘Church’, his humour and ‘conversational-style’ delivery make you feel like you’re being told a story by one of your closest boys; too funny not to be singled out.

Another landmark moment by the features on ‘Jesus Piece’ sees four of Rap’s elite proclaiming their love (not lust) for women on one track, something that just doesn’t happen in Rap. I found the song ‘All That (Lady)’ (featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous and Jeremih) a refreshing portrait of women in a genre that is often guilty of degrading and objectifying females; yet again proving that this is no ordinary Rap album.

In closing, this album is arguably Game’s best work. I love that It doesn’t tip-toe on the ‘thin-ice’ subject of religion, but confidently runs right across it without fear of judgement or condemnation. Game delves into the moral dilemmas that are not only present in the lives of religious people, but all of us! This level of relatability and honesty are what make ‘Jesus Piece’… One Of My All-Time Favourite Albums!

Would ‘Jesus Piece’ make your list of Favourite Albums? Are There Any Albums You Would Recommend? Comments Are Encouraged!

It probably goes without saying, but I recommend that everyone reading this listens to ‘Jesus Piece’ from start to finish, you won’t be disappointed! Here are a few of my favourite tracks from ‘Jesus Piece’: